SF Software & Design, Inc.

We Turn Your Dreams Into Software Solutions

Mobile development from design to done.

With years of experience working with large Fortune 100 & 500 as well as small startups,  

we understand the quality expected and the price that is needed.

We are right here in South Florida, so we start our day when you start yours.

We design full solutions rapidly, build solid code, and ready to launch quickly

We work in the cloud but know how to keep your ideas and solutions safe.

We have experience on all scale systems, from phones to servers

We talk tech, but we speak business. Such as Time to market and ROI.

We see no reason to hide in fine print.

We document and spell it out for you.

Languages and Tools We Focus On.

We limit the tools we use so that we can be efficient at what we do.  This does not limit how effective our solutions are.

Java - With years of use it has proven itself to be an important tool in developing server technology.    We focus on Servlet / Tomcat solutions for rapid development and extensive support.

Ionic - While the framework is relatively new, it is based on ECMA a tried and true scripting language. 

This also allows us to use Node.JS for server solutions if needed.

iOS - The first mobile platform that really opened up mobile to developers.  We have been working on iOS since it was first brought out to support apps.

Android - Here is where we bring our Java knowldge and mobile experience to the masses.  The most widely used mobile platform and leveraging Linux to give a solid OS to work with.

But let us have our other clients tell you what they think of our work

Leading Fortune 100 



Leading Fortune 500 

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